The Goal of Epic Fighting is to create an experience unlike any other of its kind. We are proud to boast the fact that we have succeeded in that goal and fans have returned again and again for our unique experience. Epic Fighting hit the MMA Scene hard with a classy and sexy approach to MMA. The idea was to create an event that pleased the young cutting edge crowd, while making the Average Middle aged couple not only feel comfortable, but excited enough about the Epic Experience to bring their friends to the next event.

Some things that set us apart from any other MMA event in the country, and has help solidify the Epic Experience include our attention to detail, the VIP Experience, our robust array of gorgeous models and ring card girls, the back drop/stop and repeat experience, and the Epic Exotic cars which have included, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Rolls Royce, Maserati’s and Bugattis.

Contact us at or call (619) 800-0MMA

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